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Day Four: plein d'esprit

Tue 15 March 2016, 5:48 pm

We set off from Beaune at dawn, hoping for 15 degrees today. At this point we headed due south, leaving our south easterly diagonal detour.

Toby Fox (left) and Brendon Walsh from Hounslow Council (right)

We are now on same route as the main (ordinary) ride but one stage ahead so there is a sense of urgency in the Executive (ahem) Route Peloton. They must not catch us! 

Yesterday I averaged over 30kph for the day – never experienced anything like it. Even having done the lumpy stage, Timo Haedrich of Haptic Architects averaged 28kph. 

Paul Bell of architect Ryder blogged: After a varied day of wine country, fruit blossom and industrial edge of city stuff, our pioneer’s ride finished the day at Crest a soupçon past 8pm, after a whole SEVEN stages, having set a Cycle to MIPIM record for the average speed for the day, in addition to racking a whole stage further than those not on the elite ride. … Our day ended in Crest, in the Rhone-Alps and apparently home to a fine medieval keep, the highest in France we are told – although of course, it is dark. The mood in the peloton is high, we have cracked the tough days of two, three and four, and can look forward to a lie in tomorrow until 5.45am – we will still get into Aix ahead of the other guys.

The last evening for the happy band of Deviants, the pioneers of the Nouveau Route (sic), which is increasingly known as the Executive Route, ended with an awards ceremony, wittily presented by Joe Morris of Duggan Morris Architects, sponsored – in the form of beer to toast with – by 3Fox. 

Duggan explained: “These awards are in recognition of the brilliance, energy, efforts and prowess of the inaugural Cycle to MIPIM Nouvelle Route. There are no 'actual' awards to hand out, however we would ask each rider, support staff crew member or event organiser to cheer and raise a toast. 

Which we duly did, until it was time for bed.

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