Offsite or precision manufacturing has the potential to become an important method for the delivery of affordable homes. It can reduce the time and environmental impact of housebuilding as well as offering great advances in design and quality and transforming the construction workforce. These possibilities have created a lot of excitement about the potential.

However, only a few projects have actually delivered successful, precision manufactured homes (PMH). As a result, there is a lot of noise but little certainty about the efficacy of different products, business models, procurement processes and design approaches. What is right, and in what circumstances?

The industry is at a crossroads and, without clarity, it could take the wrong turn: one big mistake, procuring the wrong system for the wrong scheme, could set PMH back 20 years – especially if it significantly undermines already-fragile public trust in non-traditional products.

Modmatch aims to provide that clarity, enabling you to meet the leaders in policymaking, manufacture, procurement, design and delivery; to understand the myths, learn the lessons and discover the true potential for PMH.